5E rocketry

So far this a fun and exiting experience i love how i’m learning so much but also having fun with my group .My group and i are doing very well we already have a good rocket  design a thin tube tree thick wings and a strong nose cone .We are going to use cardboard tinfoil glue and styrofoam .

I have learned a lot like for example i learned the three laws of motion such as 1 A body at rest will remain at rest,and a body in motion will remain in motion unless it is acted upon a external force.2 The force acting on a object is equal to the mass of that object times it’s acceleration ,F=ma.3 For every action there is an ,equal and opposite reaction.

Are team name is the chichos  we mostly agree on things and get along we all have good ideas on how we are going to make are rocket fly. This is a fun experience and i highly recommend it.

kind jungle

Think of kindness as

like a jungle the more your kind the more                                                                                                                                  species we find and we can all  agree we love animals

so share the love and spread it like a bug .

maglev train


We all did a great job. We all had very different great ideas we had a little bit

Of a disagreement  but other than that the process was really fun and easy .

Our greatest challenge was finding the correct magnet that we all agreed on

But that also worked Because one person wanted rings one person wanted

Strips one person wanted discs but we all had a great time.And figured it out.

Maglev train 3




WE FAILED at our first attempt but i’m excited to try again. The reason why it did not work was because the sides were attracting not repeling  so it was not levitating . Our second try we succeeded. I don’t want to give away too much but the strips were a great idea. We had a little bit of argument but other than that this was a great experience and i won’t forget the time it worked. We all had great ideas .


The reason it worked was because we aligned the strips so perfectly so it would levitate.

We found out a way to make the sides not attract. It was hard but once we got it it was this amazing feeling.Our best idea was taking out the rings and adding strips .


Maglev group 3

In science we have been learning about maglev train let me tell you how they work. for example on the track its facing north on the train it is also north only opposites attract so the track and train would repel creating levitation so it’s floating. the train is made of strong magnets and picks up very quick speed. BY MADDIE

Expert Book 3L

I’ve loved turtles ever since I can remember. I own two turtles. I think it would be great for me to share what I have learned about them. I hope you like this book. They have always been a part of me and they always will be.

My topic is Galapagos tortoises. I chose this topic because tortoises have always been a part of my life. I own two tortoises. I enjoyed finding the photos because they were all so adorable. I did not enjoy typing all of this up because each chapter took so long. I had to research a lot for this topic and it was actually really fun. I hope you all enjoy this book that I prepared for you. I hope this changes your point of view that turtles are slow and boring. Because actually they are quite interesting and adorable.