What is a Maglev train and how does it work? The magnets for the  train and the bottom of the track of the track have  enough force to balance it ?  What was your groups idea for the track and 


train?  It was to put four magnets and the bars underneath.What did you do today that works?

What did you do that failed how was your experience with your group?  It was a great 


experience and we tried new things.  What was challenging and what worked well. Just by putting tow bars and four magnets worked. What did you do today that worked .  on the first try we got the train to move. The four disk magnet and two bars worked! What 






Yesterday in class we made a Electromagnet in science.

Our goal was to put ten paper clips on the magnet in one try.

One team got 25 paper clips in one try.

Our team got 18.  We were close to getting a new record.

The next time we got 36 paper clips and made a new class record!


Massive Magnets

Massive Magnets

I learned that some magnets have different reactions. Some magnets repel and some magnets attract. Magnets are

made of metal, nickel and cobalt. Albert Einstein studied magnets.

In the classroom there were 5 stations and different magnets were at each station.  My favorite station was one station with the giant magnet and you can attach smaller magnets onto it.  I liked the experiment that attracted different pieces of dust to different magnets.  It was interesting because it showed how to attract dust in different ways using different sides of the magnet.

That night at home I watched on a you-tube video that some magnets shaped  like big rocks  attracted paperclips.    It was super cool!

Building Simulator

Building Simulator

In the video game Roblox, Eli, Rodrigo, and I played together in Building Simulator.  Eli was the best out of all of us. He was faster. He had better tools than us. I had 3 rebirths. Rebirth is something or someone who starts over.  You get better faster but it costs more money every time you rebirth. Rodrigo had 1 rebirth and Eil had 7 rebirths!

I was building towers.  Eli was building tower 2’s.  Rodrigo was building tanks. Some of the tools we used to build were axes and wrenches. Eil had a sliver wrench,  Rodrigo had a wrench and I had an axe. Tools are important because they help you build faster . In each stage the tools are more complex.  The axe becomes a silver axe then a gold axe then a golden pick axe.

Day through night in the game we worked  hard to get better. We advanced individually!  And got better and better and better ,more tools,more rebirths better and better and better!

We were playing for 45 minutes but I wanted to play longer when I heard my Mom say, “Dinner Max!come upstairs for dinner .”  I ate dinner super fast . I was excited to get back to the game so I gulped down my food quickly. 

When I got back into the game it wasn’t as much fun without my friends. My friends were not playing online.  They must have when eating dinner too. I still got better alone. It was still hard without them. I enjoy playing with my friends on Roblox than playing with random players.  My friends and I still play together once in a while.  


The End.