Capstone Blog Post 3

I have finally completed my video for my capstone after 3 failed attempts. and now I have narrations, and images from wiki. Video was minutes long including my intro ad outro

the video filming was fun even though 85% of the narration was bad quality because I switched places in the middle of my video. (not my decision) But other than that the movie was very nice (But time-consuming) because it takes the average person (me) like 90 seconds to get an image off of wiki. so multiply that by 50. 4500 seconds just for images. And let me tell you my right pointer finger was almost bent back when I was finished. That’s because I did it in one sitting, in conclusion this project was very fun I look forward to hopefully doing another one of these in the future!

capston 2

Finding an interview was a flippin’ blast, it was simply easy and overall I just breezed but that process

I sent two people that are astrophysicists that would and wouldn’t be willing to reach out to me. My first interview was with a guy from the department of astronomy at Harvard University. Sadly after ten days of intensely waiting, he said this. “I’m am going to Europe this week I can not help you” I was super sad because that was the only interview chance I had. But for 3 days I sent an email to a person from the department of astronomy. A gave him a challenging 16 questions to answer. Or so I thought…When I sent him the email, in 15 minutes he got right back to me with complete answers. I was stunned, and now I’m working on putting those question answers into my final video. Though it’s quite challenging to do that because I only have six minutes. And the research I’ve done adds up to two and a half times more than that. So that might be my main concern in trying to fit in what to put and, what the best information would be to put into my video. If you’re wondering why I’m a video, it’s because I don’t like public speaking. Let’s just say that to be a reasonable answer. But anyways I am way ahead of the game right now and am two minutes into my video and might be done by next Friday. We shall see.

Capston Blog Post

A capstone is a Research project were you well, RESEARCH, and it requires an expert interview.

There is one topic you must decide on one topic that you know somewhat about.

It’s not a productive project if you don’t have more then three capstone ideas

And I had quite a few. such as.




SPACE IN GENERAL. Just a butt-ton of astronomy stuff

SO, I decided to go with black holes.

Simply because I knew a lot about them. And now I could say I know a crap ton more!

And I made a movie about them. And I even expanded my knowledge of White Holes!

All in all, I enjoyed every moment of my reasearch!

Refugee: Reflection question

  • Why does the smuggler 
  • keep stalling: because the smuggler wants to get more money from momounds family. Because in the text it states, “Smugglers make a lot of money” And that means that he wants to stall to make money


  • Why doesn’t anyone want to help Mahmoud’s family, besides the other refugees: because all of the people have their own problems in the country that there in. And the only man that was kind enough to help them was a refugee 67 years ago


Rube Goldberg Part 1

My Rube Goldberg will be a short trick but it will have to go through many attempts. What I and my Rube Goldberg partner Ayan, (I realized late that I couldn’t have patners) are doing is… shooting a pool ball into 25 dominos. But the only reason that we’re doing 25 max is that it would take too long if we did 45 – 100 or even more having a max of 200. Then, the dominos will chip a ping pong ball into a cup without water because we need it to bounce on top of one and then the ping pong ball will generate enough force and speed to hit the radio and play a song!

The hardest part was getting the last part to the Rube Goldberg. This part was hard because I was struggling like I normally do at the last part of a big project and just makes me less concentrated the father I go on. But since this is the biggest thing and project of the 5th grade I’m very happy I’m doing this and participating, and more importantly, I’m happy that I finished my sketch!!!!

There was another problem in the middle of the process. The problem I had was I was feeling stupid about why I’m doing this and could have just done a video of me just playing a song. WITH MY FINGER. But then I got more encouragement from people around me and started. And in the end, it turned out great. along the wayh Ayan and I went serprate ways and he went to dod somthing similer to me. But in the end I’m working on the Rube Goldberg and I’m proud of what I’ve been doing. And I’m going to pierce threw, and I finsh!


Constitution Project Reflection

The Research was easy, though, it got harder over time. What we had to do was simple at first. Research a topic and start taking notes on it. I got five in the first week. then, I needed a question to ask a few questions add the main question. Then, had to answer all three of them.

The script was a struggle, though, the first 5 slides were really easy but then I didn’t have enough notes to write my last three slides. Now, I knew from the start of the script process that I was going to make my

Screen Castify as little time as possible, and, I knew that if I made it longer I was going to have another breakdown. So, what I did was get my notes and what I already knew to get to the slides doc, and sadly I didn’t have the notes to finish the slides. Then, I thought for days until overdue. Then, I worked on it with my mom and I was done!

My slideshow wasn’t too hard to be fair. The only thing I had to do to me. Was insert fair images from the web on google slides. this took a bit to do because we have to be very specific with our choice of photos. But, what I did was I found fair images that were mostly connected to my slides or script and put them in my slide. But, the last few slides were a struggle but, I got them down after then I did my last 3 slides.

I did something wrong on my Screen Castify so I had to redo it. I just put the webcam on instead of the screen. Just minor but it’s major for me. It took me hours to get it all right and I was so mad at how I had to redo it. But I did it anyway. Struggling, it took me a few tries but I did it!

Comparing; Smokey Night To Fly Away Home

Both of these topics are very deep, yet Fly Away Home is a very more deathlike situation. 13000 people die year-round of homelessness. though, most people of course don’t live/stay in an airport. so the more deathlike probability is living on the street. luckily Andrew’s dad had a part-time job. Fly Away Home also had many more characters than Smoky Night. Such as the people that sang “Ten green bottles hanging on the wall” then, unforchanutly got caught. Smokey Night was more of a standing their book. they watched most of the riot. In my opinion, the whole thing started moving when their cat went missing. The search for the cat Jamen made the whole thing so exciting. though, when he/she wolk up there was a fire, and of course, there was not much time to escape. Fly Away Home, was definitely more exciting. only because the bird when the door open and it finally escaped from where it was trying to get out of, the passage for hope and a new beginning opened up for Andrew. His encouraging the bird under his breath was a big part of the story in my eyes. really because that at that moment that he knew. that, even when he was saying “come on, fly away home” that the bird was not only encouraged by that, but the bird was also trying to encourage himself to break free.


    • What does this song mean to you?             it means in my opinion if you get broken down you can be built back up again.


  • How do the lyrics relate to our study of government?  i think it means that however strong you are no one outpowers anyone in the USA


  • Read the chorus again. What does that make you feel? What might the artist be saying here?  i think it means that if you get stronger other people would want to be like you as a leader


  • Does this leave you with any questions? no


Fair Game Reflection and Narrative

I would normally use my bad memory to idolize moments of my story. There were some moments where I just couldn’t get to my memories but normally those moments are not important in the story

Sometimes I don’t put the words that I want to put in my story/narrative and they get jumbled up. Maybe the reason is that I’m not that focused. I kind of just type.

What I’m most proud of is the time I take making my stories. Some of my narratives are just 2 pages long and take me 2 days to complete. But that was just one of them. All my other stories are 3 to 3½ pages long!



My cats are named Leo and Skittles Leo is a outdoor cat and Skittles is afraid of pretty much everything.  They don’t get along well.  There was like one time when they were on the same bed. Also  they  were  together  like  a couple years  ago.