My big Ski Accident

A few weeks ago I went skiing in Dear Vally with my dad. It was about 2:00pm in Dear Vally, I was on a cat walk trail witch is where there is a flat trail with little obstacles on the side. Me and my dad were going up a trail on the side of the cat walk we did a few bumps and then My dad came out of the side trail I kept on going. My dad skied about 10 more yards and then waited for me. It took me a few more minutes to find another opening. When I was close to an opening my dad said, “WATCH OUT!” But I heard “COME!” So I came I went off a jump to get back into the cat walk, but before I could turn into the trail… CRASH! I had collided into another person. I flew into the air and then fell to the ground. Are you guts ok I heard my dad and another guy say. “I’m fine.” I said. I was dizzy for a moment but I didn’t think I broke anything. The other guy broke his glasses and my skies fell off. We sat there and talked for a minuet and then we got up and started skiing again. I was ┬áso happy that I didn’t get majorly hurt.

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