Hello readers. Today I will be teaching you how to throw and hit a baseball. I recommend these tips for people who are just starting baseball or just want to get a little better at the sport.


When you throw you should First Pick the knee that is closer to your target off of the ground and let your ankle swing around. Then you extend  your foot out to the side that you are facing and almost touch the ground with your toe. (You should have your glove elbow facing your target). Next you stick your foot out to your target and put your foot down. Finally you extend your body forward and throw the ball.

This is about how long you should stride.


When you are hitting a ball First you should load by sticking your arm at the catcher and bending your knees a little. Then stride about one little step forward. Next you should turn your hips while your hands are still close to your body. Finally when the pitch comes to the plate you extend the bat to the ball and keep turning your hips until you hit the ball.

His eyes are on the ball the whole time and he is extending the bat at the ball.

That is what I think is the best way to throw and hit a baseball. if you have any questions type them in the comment section below.  

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