Reflections on Rocketry Presentation

Today we had a rocketry presentations. I was part of the team presenting the Rocketry Overview and my group, the Rocket Crushers, was presenting, too. Our unit started in September and went to the end of November. Before the Overview I was really nervous looking at how many people were there in the Computer Lab.  I went up and was glad I wasn’t going first because I didn’t want to feel so much pressure. Once it was my turn I almost forgot what to say. But then I remembered to just feel natural.

After the other two groups went I knew not to feel nervous because eight of my other friends had already went. Then it was my group’s turn. We went up there and everybody was looking at each other waiting for someone to say something. After a few seconds I took a deep breath and we all started.  After a few slides I realized that we weren’t going to do so badly. By this point I wasn’t so nervous anymore. By the end of the slideshow I was so relived that our group didn’t mess up and we did well.