Finishing the sketch – Blog post 2

One of the things we have to do for our Rube Goldberg project is a sketch. We wrote down our ideas and a picture of what we want our Rube Goldberg to look like. This was the first thing William and I did together, on our first sketch we decided to start with dominoes because we thought that that is a good start for a Rube Goldberg. We watched a few videos and put some of their steps into our sketch but some were just steps that we thought would work. The next time we met we decided. to add some more steps. We added a few more steps to the begging and one more to the end. Then we were done with our first sketch.

We then got another piece of paper and started wring another, neater one. We finally finished our sketch in Jiminy Peak when we went to where he was staying. After that we labeled the materials and the steps. I was so glad that we were able to finish our sketch in time, I didn’t think that we would.

Here is a picture of our sketch:


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