Our new Rube Goldberg – Blog post 5

We decided to make a new Rube Goldberg because we couldn’t make the other one in time. Our new one is nothing like the other one. I don’t think there is a step that is the same besides dominoes. We had to build this one very quickly. At first we made 9 steps and tried it out. It worked on the 5th try. We then said that we wanted to add a few more steps to make it more interesting. We haven’t tried this design yet but I think it won’t take long because nine of them have already worked.



Our Final Rube Goldberg – Blog Post 6

After all of the planning, fails and successes the Rube Goldberg unit has come to an end. Our final Rube Goldberg was 12 steps. We started with a plan of 14, but then we totally switched designs and started over. We first got the first seven steps working just so we knew we would only have to add one step. But instead we added two. We then had nine steps. This is a link to the video of the nine steps. (top)


Once we got the first nine steps working we wanted to add more steps to make it even more impressive. We wanted to add them to the beginning so we didn’t interfere with the steps that worked. We added three steps, first I would drop a marble into a ramp then the marble would fall into two more ramps. The marble would then fall and hit another ball that was resting on two sticks. The ball will fall and science it is tied to a hook which is locked on to the string that is holding the zip line so the zip line doesn’t fall the ball pulls the rope away and the zip line releases. Even though it only took six tries, it was annoying because the zip line kept falling while we were setting up. We finally got it to stay. Here is the link to the video of the final Rube Goldberg. Overall I loved this unit and look forward to other projects just like this one.