Coding project 4

For my last coding project. I did another Scratch project. I wanted to do a catch game because it looked fun. I started with the tutorial. Then I added more baseballs. Now I had an original catch game. I then added a score and countdown. Once I was done I thought to myself how I can make it better. After playing some of my classmates games I thought that a two person catch game would be fun. But after a few games with some other people I noticed that one bowl one every time. I had to change that. I added different looking balls that have different values. I thought this would be a more free for all game. Once that was done I tried my game out, made the last few fixes and then published it.

Here it is:

Coding project 3

For my third project I decided to do a tynker project. I am not so good at tynker so I decided to keep it simple. I looked through the games and I liked the music game the best. The original game was already made for you so I just added some new characters. This game was really easy to make but, the annoying part was I kept forgetting to save it so I did it so many times. In the end I finally got it done and saved it.

Here it is:

Coding project 1

For my first project, I decided to do a simple Pong Game. I did this because earlier in the year I tried one and it totally failed. I wanted to make a successful Pong Game. First, I looked at my old Game and tried to figure out what was wrong. It was a whole big mess so I was going to try to make it neater this time. I did the tutorial first., and the game worked! Next, I just fixed the glitches. This was the hard part because I noticed them when I was trying out my game, but then I had to figure out how to fix them. I finally finished and my game was cleaner than any other Pong Game.

Here is the final Result:


One of my biggest struggles was finding out what was wrong with my other Pong Game. I looked over every script and couldn’t figure out why, so I just gave up and started a new one. Another one of my biggest struggles was making the ball bounce in a different direction every time. At first, it just went back and fourth and some other angles that I tried didn’t work but, finally I got it to work.



I had an interesting experience during my debate. During the research our group did really well. We got a lot of information and statistics. When it came to the deciding who is on either side we had some arguing. I was for zoos but Alex, Karine, and Noah were against. Finally, Alex came to my side. But, then Karine and Noah didn’t want to be together but we ended up getting them to agree. For practicing for our first debate we did fine but on the last day Noah had been out a lot so he wasn’t ready and Alex was out sick, so Karine and I did a one on one debate. That one didn’t go so well. But then we started preparing for our next debate.

First, we started out by getting a little more research. Then we wanted to practice but Noah was out so Alex and I just looked over our debate reasons and examples. One Noah came back I was out so we couldn’t practice again. This kept happening until break now most teams have gone and we haven’t even got one full practice in. The next few days after break Alex was out and then I was again after him. Mrs. Edwards really wanted us to go soon and so did everyone else. Finally, the next week we were all here. We only got two days to practice as a full group, and even though we weren’t so prepared we still went and got it over with. Here is our final debate and feedback:



What is an ignite?

An ignite is a presentation that someone gives where each slide is 15 seconds and so the slides change every 15 seconds while the presenter is talking about the slides. An ignite is usually to teach some people about something. An ignite is usually one minuet and 30 seconds or five minuets.

My assignment/process

The assignment our teacher gave us was to do a one minuet and thirty second presentation about something that has to do with us. I immediately though that I wanted to do something about sports, because that is my biggest passion. At first, I was going to do my top five favorite sports. But, then I decided to do something more specific. I ended up doing my top five favorite sports events.

First, I decided all of my favorite events. Then, I did a little more research on these events. I didn’t want to research to much because I didn’t want to have to remember so many facts. Next, I started to write my script. This in my opinion was the hardest part because on some slides I didn’t have enough to write about and other ones I wanted to write so much more than I did. When I finally got the timing right it was time to move on the the practicing stage. It was a lot harder to memorize my script than I thought it would be. I had to practice it many times until I mastered it. But, finally I was ready to present.


I was really nervous when I was going up. I just fought through it and did it the way I was supposed to do it.

Here is the final product:

Coding project 2

The Process

For my second project I decided to do another Scratch project. I thought that Scratch was easier to use and I liked the options it gave you better too. I decided to do a Hide and Seek game. The tutorial only gave me one character that acts like Wally does. After the tutorial I thought to myself how I can make it better. ¬†First I decided to add obstacles to my game, but it was still way to easy. I have played arcade games where you had to hit the thing that lights up or something like that, so I decided to make it like that. First, I added more bears that didn’t look like Wally. Now my game was a bit harder. Next I wanted to figure out a way for you to win or lose. I made it so when the bears are clicked a you lose sign comes up. And when the score is six then a you win sign pops up. That was my biggest improvement so far. I then thought to myself that it wouldn’t be hard to just not click the bears and wait for Wally to show up in the middle of the screen, so I added a countdown. Now it is pretty hard to win this game. Finally, I added my finishing touches to fix the lags, check it out down below.



Throughout the process I had a few struggles. One of them was Making the score go up one the second Wally was clicked. I had a few people try my game before I published it. One person’s score was five with one second to go. He clicked Wally but the score didn’t calculate because I had play sound pop and say you found me, before the code said to change score by one. This glitch caused some problems. Luckily I was able to figure this out and fix it. Another struggle was I had the building and the tree go away when the you lose or you win sign pops up. But, what happened was they left the screen and never came back even when the next round started. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to make them appear every time a new round starts. these were two of the struggles I went through during the process.