I had an interesting experience during my debate. During the research our group did really well. We got a lot of information and statistics. When it came to the deciding who is on either side we had some arguing. I was for zoos but Alex, Karine, and Noah were against. Finally, Alex came to my side. But, then Karine and Noah didn’t want to be together but we ended up getting them to agree. For practicing for our first debate we did fine but on the last day Noah had been out a lot so he wasn’t ready and Alex was out sick, so Karine and I did a one on one debate. That one didn’t go so well. But then we started preparing for our next debate.

First, we started out by getting a little more research. Then we wanted to practice but Noah was out so Alex and I just looked over our debate reasons and examples. One Noah came back I was out so we couldn’t practice again. This kept happening until break now most teams have gone and we haven’t even got one full practice in. The next few days after break Alex was out and then I was again after him. Mrs. Edwards really wanted us to go soon and so did everyone else. Finally, the next week we were all here. We only got two days to practice as a full group, and even though we weren’t so prepared we still went and got it over with. Here is our final debate and feedback:


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