What is an ignite?

An ignite is a presentation that someone gives where each slide is 15 seconds and so the slides change every 15 seconds while the presenter is talking about the slides. An ignite is usually to teach some people about something. An ignite is usually one minuet and 30 seconds or five minuets.

My assignment/process

The assignment our teacher gave us was to do a one minuet and thirty second presentation about something that has to do with us. I immediately though that I wanted to do something about sports, because that is my biggest passion. At first, I was going to do my top five favorite sports. But, then I decided to do something more specific. I ended up doing my top five favorite sports events.

First, I decided all of my favorite events. Then, I did a little more research on these events. I didn’t want to research to much because I didn’t want to have to remember so many facts. Next, I started to write my script. This in my opinion was the hardest part because on some slides I didn’t have enough to write about and other ones I wanted to write so much more than I did. When I finally got the timing right it was time to move on the the practicing stage. It was a lot harder to memorize my script than I thought it would be. I had to practice it many times until I mastered it. But, finally I was ready to present.


I was really nervous when I was going up. I just fought through it and did it the way I was supposed to do it.

Here is the final product:

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