Where I’m from

For our poetry festival at Heathcote School, our teacher assigned a poem that we had to write. It is called the where I’m from poem. It is all about your life and what you have. We got a packet for us to look at and read where I’m from poems and do an outline of your poem. I read a lot of these poems and they inspired me on what I should write about in my poem. I followed the outline and added a few extra things. Finally I had my whole poem typed up on the computer. After a meeting with my teacher and some more edits, my poem was ready to be printed. After I printed it I drew a little design and some of the things that I mentioned as my illustration.


Once I had my poem it was time to practice for when I was going to recite it in front of the green screen. When I first started practicing my script I stumbled a lot. Every time I practiced I got better. Soon I had my script down pretty well and was ready to do my green screen video. First, I had to pick a picture for my green screen. I picked a design but when I went back to looking for a better picture I decided that the picture of a spotlight was better. I then went to the green screen and took my video. It took two tries for me to get it perfect because the first one I stumbled a little, but the second one was good.

Here is the video:

Choosing a Topic – Capstone blog post 1

In school we are doing a project called capstone. The first step of capstone is choosing a topic. For me choosing a topic was pretty easy because I knew that my biggest interest was baseball. My first idea was to do it on that. But then I remembered what I did last year for my passion project, I did short films. I wanted to learn more about how those are made so, instead of doing that I decided to do movies. The reason why I decided to do this is because I was interested in shorts but I wanted to do something more interesting and different.

Half way through my research I had a chat with Mrs. Edwards and we thought that I should do something a little more interesting and specific. I decided that stop motion would be interesting. After doing a little more research I came to the conclusion of doing stop motion films. Now I am on to the next step, choosing an inquiry question.