Choosing a Topic – Capstone blog post 1

In school we are doing a project called capstone. The first step of capstone is choosing a topic. For me choosing a topic was pretty easy because I knew that my biggest interest was baseball. My first idea was to do it on that. But then I remembered what I did last year for my passion project, I did short films. I wanted to learn more about how those are made so, instead of doing that I decided to do movies. The reason why I decided to do this is because I was interested in shorts but I wanted to do something more interesting and different.

Half way through my research I had a chat with Mrs. Edwards and we thought that I should do something a little more interesting and specific. I decided that stop motion would be interesting. After doing a little more research I came to the conclusion of doing stop motion films. Now I am on to the next step, choosing an inquiry question.

6 thoughts on “Choosing a Topic – Capstone blog post 1”

  1. I like how you said the process in order from what happened first. I thought it was good and interesting, and I like how you were open minded.

  2. Matt, I’m so excited to learn alongside you about stop motion films. I recently went to see Isle of Dogs, which is a stop motion film and really enjoyed it.

  3. I like how you showed the process of choosing your topic and you showed how you wanted to choose baseball but you changed your mind.

  4. Great blog post! I really liked listening to the prosess of leading you to chose stop motion! It was great that you explained every detail!

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