Reflecting On Presenting In Front of the Parents – Capstone Blog Post 7

The lat step in Capstone is the final presentation in front of the parents. When the day came to present in front of the parents I was really nervous. I really didn’t want to screw up in front of a lot of parents. I was presenting in my classroom. There were three kids in front of me that preformed before me. When it was the third person’s turn, I was freaking out in the inside. Finally, it became my turn. I stood up and went to the side of the screen. For a second I blanked out and couldn’t remember what to say, but then I started. I got through my whole presentation and then it was time for the video. I was so relived that I wouldn’t have to do any more speaking. After the video was done I said thank you and then went back to my spot on the carpet. I was so happy that i just completed the final project of elementary school.

Overall, This project was really fun and interesting. I learned a lot and got better at working hard on researching and presenting.

Here is a video of my presentation:

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  1. Your blog post was great! I liked how you said you felt really nervous. And I liked how you had a overall at the end!

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