Flashlight Diagram

The only thing we have to do before making a flashlight is to diagram it. We were given a piece of diagram paper, and we had to draw the flashlight to scale if every box is 1/2in. The only limit our flashlight had was it had to fit in a box that is 7.75in. long 6.25 in. wide and 6in. tall. I wanted to try and use as many different pieces as I can, so I used one of each pipe. We had to make every line straight, so it is exact. After we had the basic diagram of the pieces we had to add the wires and the circuit into the diagram. We also had to measure the wires and cut pipes inside of the flashlight. Once we had the diagram with all of the wires and pipes in it we measured what length wires and pipes we needed. Our diagram was complete when we had everything on the diagram and the measurements.

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