Summary for coronavirus article #3

The coronavirus is a deadly virus that started in the Chinese city of Wuhan and now is spreading very quickly.  The specific place where the virus is suspected to have started is in a cluster of vendors in a downtown market that offers carcasses and live specimens of dozens of wild animals, like ostriches, baby crocodiles and hedgehogs. Places are already starting to react to this disease, for example, the  Hong Kong government said it would deny entry to people who have visited Hubei during the past weeks to try and restrict the spread of the virus. Also China’s national authorities have locked down Wuhan and several other cities in Hubei. These places have a very good reason to be taking this very seriously, because already the disease has infected more than 2700 people and killed at least 80. Medical researchers have determined that severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) which started in 2002 and killed 800 people originated in bats, for this current outbreak a study released by the Wuhan Institute  of Virology, based on patient samples there was a 96% genetic match to a bat coronavirus.

I believe the studies are right. I also think, based on this article, that this disease originated from bats. I believe this because another deadly coronavirus originated in bats, so it would be very likely that this one is, again, originated from bats. Another reason is that another Chinese study suggested that the virus came from snakes, but it is more likely that the coronavirus spread from mammal to mammal, then from reptile to mammal. I also believe the way that people are treating the virus is also the right way. Although it seems mean to not let people that have been in the city that the virus is in come in to a place, it is the right thing, because if someone infected came into a new place, the virus would keep spreading and it would get out of hand. Overall, I believe this is a very dangerous virus and that people should continue to make an effort to stop the spreading of this disease and hope that this disease stays in control and eventually dies down.