News article #2: Biden flops in Iowa, Buttigieg and Bernie voters’ top picks

The results are being slow to get out of Iowa’s caucuses, but there are a few things we already know. These include: Joe Biden didn’t do as well as expected, finishing fourth, and Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders were near or at the top of the list. It was clear Biden didn’t do so well, he wasn’t viable in many caucuses. The details of the numbers are a little “murky,” there will be three sets of numbers and maybe 2 different “winners.” In the last democratic election in Iowa Biden participated in without Obama, he failed too. Therefore, he hasn’t had much success in Iowa before either. However, he came first or second in every one of the polls, and is the former Vice President, yet he still bombed Iowa.

My opinion on this is that Biden probably didn’t do so well, that is clear. I think he will probably do much better in some other states, for he is not known for doing well in Iowa. I think Buttigieg and Sanders’ numbers might decrease in certain places due to Biden’s numbers increasing.


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