Tech post #1

Yesterday we explored some wood tools. We learned how to screw some nails, fasteners etc. into blocks of wood. We used tools of all shapes, colors and sizes. It was really easy to get the screws in that had a pointy edge, however it was much harder to get the screws that didn’t have a point into the wood. There were also a bunch of different types of screw drivers. The end of the screw drivers were sometimes different and some of the screw drivers didn’t fit with some of the screws. There were also a bunch of different sizes of blocks of wood. There was a very big block, and it was much easier to get screws into the big blocks compared to the small ones. some of the screws were pretty easy to get into the wood, for example I was able to get a big grey screw into a block of wood, but then it was very challenging to get the screw out. It took a long time, but eventually I got it out. Some screws were hard to get started, because you had to make a hole to get the screw started. Once the screw was about half way in, it was pretty easy to finish it off. Overall, some combos of screw drivers, screws and wood was easy to get the screw into the wood and some were a lot harder.

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