Blog post #3 – Week 3 reflection

In week 3, we did a lot of work on our box. We started with making the top and bottom of the box. We were given a long piece of wood to share with one or two other people. I started from the end of the long piece of wood and measures out my top and bottom of my box while leaving a 1/8 of an inch space in between for the saw. When I had all my lines measured out, I went to a miterbox saw and I cut my wood. I then did the same thing with the front, back and sides of my box. I had to measure the width-1in. because the front and back wood takes up 1/2 in. each.

When we were cutting we had to put a clasp on the wood, so it doesn’t move while you cut. I was hard to cut because sometimes when you pulled back, the saw wouldn’t go back forward, so you had to pick up the saw and reset. The good part about it was it was impossible to make a bad cut because the saw is held in the middle.

Now we are ready to put together our box.

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