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Passion Project Reflection

I did my passion project on Short Films. It was a little hard to research because what I found was mostly short films that people created. But I found a few websites on how to make a short film, so I used those. The do part was a little easier because I got some editing program suggestions from the websites. I also created a flip book. When it was time for the final project I was a little nervous but I knew I could do it. I decided to use a program called animaker to make my short film. I decided to use animaker because I was just a beginner at making short films so I wanted it to be an easy website and I didn’t want it to take too long to make the film. Animaker is really easy and films don’t take too long to make on animaker so I decided to use it. At first I was thinking about making a sports film but then I had another idea to make a fiction everyday film. I told my partner Raymond my ideas and we agreed on making a fiction everyday film. At the start we had two problems not enough characters and we didn’t know how to make the characters speak. But then with Mr. Cassal and our parents help we figured out the problems and now it is much easier. Overall I am happy that I chose short films and animaker because it is fun creating films and playing around on animaker.

Book Club – Strike Three your Out: Jot 1

I think that Dan guard has a fake ID too and he was the one that murdered R.J. Weathers. I think this because he was mad when Maria was talking to him and he probably tried to steal the camera because he didn’t want everyone to see the evidence that he murdered R.J. I also think this because Famosa has a fake ID and Don is traveling with Famosa. A final reason I think that Don guard has a fake ID and murdered R.J. Weathers is because he is trying to be innocent and he was the one talking on the phone about Famosa. I think Don is really Blaze.



My big Ski Accident

A few weeks ago I went skiing in Dear Vally with my dad. It was about 2:00pm in Dear Vally, I was on a cat walk trail witch is where there is a flat trail with little obstacles on the side. Me and my dad were going up a trail on the side of the cat walk we did a few bumps and then My dad came out of the side trail I kept on going. My dad skied about 10 more yards and then waited for me. It took me a few more minutes to find another opening. When I was close to an opening my dad said, “WATCH OUT!” But I heard “COME!” So I came I went off a jump to get back into the cat walk, but before I could turn into the trail… CRASH! I had collided into another person. I flew into the air and then fell to the ground. Are you guts ok I heard my dad and another guy say. “I’m fine.” I said. I was dizzy for a moment but I didn’t think I broke anything. The other guy broke his glasses and my skies fell off. We sat there and talked for a minuet and then we got up and started skiing again. I was  so happy that I didn’t get majorly hurt.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year! I’m exited but a little nervous. I am exited to be with all of my friends. My teacher is very kind. My class is really nice too. The work is much harder but I still like it. We have been learning lots of new things 4th grade has been really fun so far. I like all of the 4th grade subjects and the specials. We have been doing a lot of math and writing. We have also been doing lots of partner reading. I like when my teacher tells stories about her sons. I am so exited for the rest of 4th grade!