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Flashlight Diagram

The only thing we have to do before making a flashlight is to diagram it. We were given a piece of diagram paper, and we had to draw the flashlight to scale if every box is 1/2in. The only limit our flashlight had was it had to fit in a box that is 7.75in. long 6.25 in. wide and 6in. tall. I wanted to try and use as many different pieces as I can, so I used one of each pipe. We had to make every line straight, so it is exact. After we had the basic diagram of the pieces we had to add the wires and the circuit into the diagram. We also had to measure the wires and cut pipes inside of the flashlight. Once we had the diagram with all of the wires and pipes in it we measured what length wires and pipes we needed. Our diagram was complete when we had everything on the diagram and the measurements.


This project in tech was one where you have to make switches that complete a circuit. We had to make three different unique circuits.

In my first one, I was just trying to make a switch that worked, but I also wanted to make it pretty cool. I thought that I would make something that had two sides and when one goes back the other goes forward and hits the tinfoil.

For my second one, I decided to make it a little more complicated and cooler looking. I decided to do one that pushes a popsicle stick into tinfoil on the bottom. This was the hardest one to make, because I had to make the popsicle stick not loose enough to fall down or go out of place, but not tight enough to get stuck. This one is my favorite out of the three.

For my last switch I decided to make a small one that works easily. I wanted to make one where you push tinfoil into other tinfoil. First, I built up a little bit, and then I made it so you push a straw with tinfoil on it into a wall of tinfoil. This one didn’t take as long to build as the other ones, but it still worked fine.

Solder Person

The Solder Person project wasa project in which everyone would get a wire and we would have to bend it and solder it in a certain way to make it a person. This project was the hardest project we have done so far in my opinion. First we were gave a wire that was about 8in. We had to cut a 5in piece to make the head and legs. This was the most difficult part because we had to wrap the wire tightly around a pencil and around the body. Eventually, I got it though. Once I had the head and feet I took the 3in piece and soldered it the the back of the person, and now I have a basic person. The only thing left to do is to give my person something to do. I chose baseball. I cut a little piece of wire to make a bat and then soldered it to my person. Overall this project was really difficult, but the soldering was really fun.





Yesterday, in technology we played a game called breakout. We had to0 find clues and crack the codes of the locks. Both teams were given a folder with three papers in them. These were the clues. We were given one lock that had arrows on them, one with letters, and one with numbers. Mr. Calvert gave us two clues about where to find the clues to the locks.

It was pretty easy for us two get the letters one and the arrows one, but we couldn’t figure out the numbers one. We were very confident we knew the code, but the lock wouldn’t open. We tried and tried, and even called Mr. Calvert over, and he said we had the right idea. We kept trying to line up the clues with the lock. Eventually Mr. Calvert came over and all he did was pull on the lock and it opened. I couldn’t believe it, the person who was entering the code couldn’t open the lock.

Overall, this game was really fun and a little frustrating at the same time.