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Reflecting on Technnology

This quarterly was so fun. I learned so much about electrons and how switches work and basically how electricity works. Along with learning a lot, I also had so much fun making the projects, and circuits. My favorite project was probably the flashlight, because I liked putting all of the parts together and soldering the circuit. My favorite thing to use was the solder machines because it was satisfying seeing the metals parts stick together and harden. I had a really fun time in Technology and can’t wait for next year. Thank You Mr. Calvert!!

Building the Automata

Once I am done with the diagram and base of the automata, the only thing left to do is build the rest of the automata. After the stick was on the top, I realized that the stick was not going straight up and down, so I put a piece of paper connected the cardboard connected to the stick, and the top of the box. I also had another problem, I needed to put more weight on this piece of cardboard, so it is heavy enough to bring the player all the way down and up, pretty fast. To fix this problem, I put pennies on top of the cardboard to weigh it down. Now that I have the whole box working, the only thing left to do is put the player and hoop on. First, I cut out the legs and body and connected it to the stick. Now came the big problems. I had to make the basketball attacked to the wire but not too tight. Eventually I got the wires the right length and attacked them to the hoop. After a lot of problems and obstacles I finally was able to make the basketball player dunk into the hoop.

Automata Diagram and Base

For the final project of Technology, we had to make something called an automata. An automata is a machine in which you spin a stack and something on top of the box moves. For my automata I wanted to do something related to sports. After a lot of thought, I decided to make someone shooting a basketball. In my diagram I started with drawing a box and the wheels inside.  I am going to make is so that the stick is connected to a wheel and the wheel pushes up the basketball player. I then decided to draw the payer and the hoop. I decided to make the basketball player shoot it by connecting the arms to wires when the player goes up, the ball comes down and vice versa. I now  started building the base which is the box. I made a hollow box and then held up each corner with cardboard.  Once I put the wheels in I had the stick going up and down, so my base was complete.

Making the Flashlight

Once we had our diagram, we had to now make the flashlight. We were given a plastic bag with the parts that we need for the circuit inside the flashlight, and the parts we need for the flashlight. First, I drilled a hole into the cap that will have the light and the pipe that will have the switch. I then put together the circuit by soldering the parts together. All that I have to do now is put everything together and decorate the flashlight. The first thing I put together was the circuit and the flashlight hole. I connected the cap to the rest of the flashlight and pulled the switch out. I put a cap on the switch and then I had the basic flashlight done. The last thing I had to do was decorate it. I decorated it to be Mets and Giants theme.

Self-driving cars

Cars are transforming. People are trying to create cars that don´ t need a driver. There are a lot of things to take into consideration  when making one of these. You have to make sure that your car knows what everything is. There have been cars that have mistaken a cargo truck for a bridge, and rammed into it. These are one of the many things you have to consider when making a self-driving car. Another thing people have to be careful of is bad drivers. There are a lot of bad drivers in the world and self-driving cars will have to know how to deal with these people. There are also many other things people have to take into consideration when making a self-driving cars, but these are some of the main ones.

Simple Circuits

Today we made our own simple circuits. Mr. Calvert gave us a light, a battery, a switch, and multiple wires. It was a pretty challenging task because we had to fit the wires under screws. It took a pretty long time to make the light bulb turn on, but eventually I got it.

I had to connect the loose wires and wires from the battery to the switch and light. If I put the switch the other way then it would break the circuit and the bulb won’t light up. All of the wires and object in the circuit have to be touching for the electrons to flow through the circuit and the light to light up.

Overall this project was challenging and fun at the same time.

Paruvian Restaurant Field Trip

Today my whole grade went on a field trip to a peruvian restaurant, called Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant. The food there was great. We got to try the Pollo Saltado, Lomo Saltado, Tallarin Saltado de Carne, Pescado al Ajo and Ensalada de Morada. My favorite one was the Tallarin Saltado de Carne, which was steak and noodles. They also served us a drink called Chicha morada, which I really liked. I also had a great experience. I sat with Sam, Kevin, Aiden, My mom and Kevin’s mom. We all talked about the food and had a great time.  

Where I’m from

For our poetry festival at Heathcote School, our teacher assigned a poem that we had to write. It is called the where I’m from poem. It is all about your life and what you have. We got a packet for us to look at and read where I’m from poems and do an outline of your poem. I read a lot of these poems and they inspired me on what I should write about in my poem. I followed the outline and added a few extra things. Finally I had my whole poem typed up on the computer. After a meeting with my teacher and some more edits, my poem was ready to be printed. After I printed it I drew a little design and some of the things that I mentioned as my illustration.


Once I had my poem it was time to practice for when I was going to recite it in front of the green screen. When I first started practicing my script I stumbled a lot. Every time I practiced I got better. Soon I had my script down pretty well and was ready to do my green screen video. First, I had to pick a picture for my green screen. I picked a design but when I went back to looking for a better picture I decided that the picture of a spotlight was better. I then went to the green screen and took my video. It took two tries for me to get it perfect because the first one I stumbled a little, but the second one was good.

Here is the video:

Coding project 4

For my last coding project. I did another Scratch project. I wanted to do a catch game because it looked fun. I started with the tutorial. Then I added more baseballs. Now I had an original catch game. I then added a score and countdown. Once I was done I thought to myself how I can make it better. After playing some of my classmates games I thought that a two person catch game would be fun. But after a few games with some other people I noticed that one bowl one every time. I had to change that. I added different looking balls that have different values. I thought this would be a more free for all game. Once that was done I tried my game out, made the last few fixes and then published it.

Here it is:

Coding project 3

For my third project I decided to do a tynker project. I am not so good at tynker so I decided to keep it simple. I looked through the games and I liked the music game the best. The original game was already made for you so I just added some new characters. This game was really easy to make but, the annoying part was I kept forgetting to save it so I did it so many times. In the end I finally got it done and saved it.

Here it is: