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Finishing the sketch – Blog post 2

One of the things we have to do for our Rube Goldberg project is a sketch. We wrote down our ideas and a picture of what we want our Rube Goldberg to look like. This was the first thing William and I did together, on our first sketch we decided to start with dominoes because we thought that that is a good start for a Rube Goldberg. We watched a few videos and put some of their steps into our sketch but some were just steps that we thought would work. The next time we met we decided. to add some more steps. We added a few more steps to the begging and one more to the end. Then we were done with our first sketch.

We then got another piece of paper and started wring another, neater one. We finally finished our sketch in Jiminy Peak when we went to where he was staying. After that we labeled the materials and the steps. I was so glad that we were able to finish our sketch in time, I didn’t think that we would.

Here is a picture of our sketch:


First meeting with my partner – Rube Goldberg blog post 1

The day William and I had our first meeting was Thursday, January 4 2018. At first we just decided to jot some things down on the paper. He brought a few materials like a little robot called an Ozo bot and a slinky. I thought the Ozo bot was pretty cool but I couldn’t figure out how we would use the slinky so we decided to put the Ozo bot in our sketch but kept out the slinky. We then filled in our other steps. We weren’t sure if we were going to use that exact sketch. Next, we tried to decide what the goal would be at first we thought of turning off the lights but, we needed a long brick to hit the light switch, but neither of us had one long enough. We thought about it for about the next 2 minuets when finally we came up with one we decided to have a water bottle on a shelf on the wall and it comes down though a pegboard and lands on a block. We plan to have someone sitting in a chair/bed and the goal will be to get the bottle to that person.

My initial thoughts…

I am really scared that everybody in the world can see my blog. I hope that I will not make any mistakes because I don’t want anybody to see my mistakes. I also think that this is a cool site because you can communicate with your friends.

I am very excited to participate in this blog because it is a cool website to post on. I can’t wait for the whole world to see my work. I also can’t wait to read other people’s work. I wonder if people are going to post things like the news, sports games, thunder storms and other cool things. I am excited to write and read what other people write. I can’t wait to type on this website!