Writing Long and Strong on Jots- Character

Jessie and Evans mom knew that their dad wouldn’t do a great job.

She knew that because their dad wasn’t used to taking care o the children because he was always away and she didn’t think that he knew what to do to take care of the kids.

Another reason why she didn’t want her dad to stay with the kids is because he pays to much attention on his phone and makes so many calls that he might not spend to much time with the kids and the kids might get bored.

Another reason why their mom thought that their dad might not do a great job is because it is a big responsibility and he might not take it seriously.

Another reason is that their dad doesn’t know all of the rules in the house and he might not follow the rules and make there mom mad.

A final reason why is because Jessie might be uncomfortable that her mom isn’t there and she might get really scared.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year! I’m exited but a little nervous. I am exited to be with all of my friends. My teacher is very kind. My class is really nice too. The work is much harder but I still like it. We have been learning lots of new things 4th grade has been really fun so far. I like all of the 4th grade subjects and the specials. We have been doing a lot of math and writing. We have also been doing lots of partner reading. I like when my teacher tells stories about her sons. I am so exited for the rest of 4th grade!

My initial thoughts…

I am really scared that everybody in the world can see my blog. I hope that I will not make any mistakes because I don’t want anybody to see my mistakes. I also think that this is a cool site because you can communicate with your friends.

I am very excited to participate in this blog because it is a cool website to post on. I can’t wait for the whole world to see my work. I also can’t wait to read other people’s work. I wonder if people are going to post things like the news, sports games, thunder storms and other cool things. I am excited to write and read what other people write. I can’t wait to type on this website!

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