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Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions – Capstone Blog Post 2

The second step of capstone is choosing a main inquiry question and 5 sub questions. These are what my final presentation will be about so this is a very big step.

First, I had to come up with my main inquiry question. I got a sheet to help me come up with questions from every subject. I found out much more about what I could research than I knew. I liked a lot of these questions but ended up liking two the best, what is stop motion, and What is the difference between animation movies and stop motion movies. Mrs. Edwards then looked at my inquiry question and changed it to What are the essential elements of making a successful stop motion short film? I liked this question a lot, after doing a little more research I ended up sticking with that.

Next, I had to come up with sub questions. At first, I was clueless. I couldn’t think of any questions related to my inquiry question. After a little thinking I was able to come up with one. What people are needed to make a stop motion film? I thought about what I would do if I were to make a stop motion film. I knew that you would need a camera guy, people to make the puppets, etc. Another one that I thought of quickly was what things that you would need? I thought this would be interesting because there are many things that you need and a lot to explain about why you would need those things. I also watched a video about the different types of stop motion, and that gave me the idea of doing what types of stop motion are there? I have always wondered, about how they put animation in Wallace and Gromit when all they do is take pictures. That led me to my fourth question, how is a stop motion film animated. As my last two questions I wanted to do them on me making a stop motion film. One is bringing a stop motion film to life which is mostly jest going to talk about my process, and my last one will be my final stop motion short film. I decided to do six because I might want to take one out and if I do I will still have one extra.

That was my process in choosing my main inquiry question and my sub questions.