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Coding project 2

The Process

For my second project I decided to do another Scratch project. I thought that Scratch was easier to use and I liked the options it gave you better too. I decided to do a Hide and Seek game. The tutorial only gave me one character that acts like Wally does. After the tutorial I thought to myself how I can make it better. ¬†First I decided to add obstacles to my game, but it was still way to easy. I have played arcade games where you had to hit the thing that lights up or something like that, so I decided to make it like that. First, I added more bears that didn’t look like Wally. Now my game was a bit harder. Next I wanted to figure out a way for you to win or lose. I made it so when the bears are clicked a you lose sign comes up. And when the score is six then a you win sign pops up. That was my biggest improvement so far. I then thought to myself that it wouldn’t be hard to just not click the bears and wait for Wally to show up in the middle of the screen, so I added a countdown. Now it is pretty hard to win this game. Finally, I added my finishing touches to fix the lags, check it out down below.



Throughout the process I had a few struggles. One of them was Making the score go up one the second Wally was clicked. I had a few people try my game before I published it. One person’s score was five with one second to go. He clicked Wally but the score didn’t calculate because I had play sound pop and say you found me, before the code said to change score by one. This glitch caused some problems. Luckily I was able to figure this out and fix it. Another struggle was I had the building and the tree go away when the you lose or you win sign pops up. But, what happened was they left the screen and never came back even when the next round started. It took me a while to figure out that I needed to make them appear every time a new round starts. these were two of the struggles I went through during the process.