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Ellis Island Trip

Today we went to Ellis Island on a field trip. We left at 7:00 am. When we got there we took a ferry to the middle of the island. On the ferry the trip was short but there was a really loud speaker that someone was talking through.

When we got there we went in the first thing we looked at was the history of Ellis Island immigration. We then went into the Great Hall. The feeling of being in there was amazing. We did a little mental test that our tour guide led. We did things like balancing on one leg and push-ups. After that, we went to the other side of the Great Hall. There we did the legal inspection. He asked us questions and someone had to answer it. Then we went into a theater and watched a movie about immigration. It wasn’t the best movie but I learned a lot about the immigrant’s experience. We then went out side and had lunch. There was a great view of the statue of liberty there. We then went to an area where it had almost everyone’s name who immigrated. We looked around and tried to find our relatives. My mom and I found a lot of our relatives. I was surprised that so many of my ancestors immigrated through Ellis Island. Some of my friends couldn’t find there relatives because they didn’t pay to have their names on the wall. Next, we went inside and up to the third floor. Up there was the people’s outfits, and the dormitories. ¬†Finally, we got back on the ferry and drove right past the statue of liberty and back to the dock. Overall I learned a lot from this trip.