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Site Visit – Capstone Blog Post 3

One of the things we have to do for our Capstone is have a site visit. We pick a place to visit and we go there to research our topic. your site visit should really get you to picture what your topic is about. In this blog post I will explain my process of finding my site visit and my experience there.  

For my site visit it was hard at first to find somewhere to go. I looked on the internet and the first thing that came up was The Museum of the Moving image. This place looked really cool to me and it looked like it had a lot about stop motion, so that is where I decided to go. When it was time to go there I got a pencil and a piece of paper to take notes and then I got in the car and went there.  I had a really good and helpful experience there. It talked about adding sound effects and voice over into your film. There was also a station to make your own short stop motion film. There were different computers with different backgrounds, characters and props I had to create my own scene using these.  After that, I went to a section where it explained the history of television and stop motion. There were many interesting objects like the kinetoscope. There were so many other interesting things that I saw and learned about.

I am so happy I went there, and definitely recommend going to this cool museum. I learned so much while having a great experience.


This is a picture of Edison’s kinetoscope.