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Choosing a Topic – Capstone blog post 1

In school we are doing a project called capstone. The first step of capstone is choosing a topic. For me choosing a topic was pretty easy because I knew that my biggest interest was baseball. My first idea was to do it on that. But then I remembered what I did last year for my passion project, I did short films. I wanted to learn more about how those are made so, instead of doing that I decided to do movies. The reason why I decided to do this is because I was interested in shorts but I wanted to do something more interesting and different.

Half way through my research I had a chat with Mrs. Edwards and we thought that I should do something a little more interesting and specific. I decided that stop motion would be interesting. After doing a little more research I came to the conclusion of doing stop motion films. Now I am on to the next step, choosing an inquiry question.

Passion Project Reflection

I did my passion project on Short Films. It was a little hard to research because what I found was mostly short films that people created. But I found a few websites on how to make a short film, so I used those. The do part was a little easier because I got some editing program suggestions from the websites. I also created a flip book. When it was time for the final project I was a little nervous but I knew I could do it. I decided to use a program called animaker to make my short film. I decided to use animaker because I was just a beginner at making short films so I wanted it to be an easy website and I didn’t want it to take too long to make the film. Animaker is really easy and films don’t take too long to make on animaker so I decided to use it. At first I was thinking about making a sports film but then I had another idea to make a fiction everyday film. I told my partner Raymond my ideas and we agreed on making a fiction everyday film. At the start we had two problems not enough characters and we didn’t know how to make the characters speak. But then with Mr. Cassal and our parents help we figured out the problems and now it is much easier. Overall I am happy that I chose short films and animaker because it is fun creating films and playing around on animaker.