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Book Clubs: Bridge To Terabithia – Jot 2

I think that Mrs. Edmunds is like god. One reason I think this is because when is was raining Jesse thought someone did it and she thought it was Mrs. Edmunds. That shows that she is like god and can make it rain. Another reason I think this is because Jesse treats her and looks up to her like god. For example is it Jesse’s favorite teach (and the only one he likes) and he loves being with her. A final reason I think Mrs. Edmunds is like god is because When Jesse got home from Washington it was magically sunny that was really surprising. Mrs. Edmunds also said welcome sunshine. That is what I think god would do. Those are some examples that show why I think Mrs. Edmund is like god.

Book clubs: Bridge to Terabithia – Jot 1

I think Lark Creek is a poor school because there are a lot of kids in each class which probably means there is not a lot of classrooms and a small school, the school also doesn’t have a lunch room so they eat in the classroom. Another reason why I think Lark Creek is a poor school is because the text states “We can’t afford a lunch room. A final reason is Jesse lives in a poor area so it would make sense to have a poor school. That is why I think Lark Creek is a poor school.