Blog post #5 the three switches

Dear Mr. Calvert,

In this blog post, I will be telling you about my three switches. It was the last day that we were doing switches, and I had only one of them done! Thankfully, I had my other two switches planned out. I was next in line for the glue guns and I glued two pieces of cardboard that were parallel to each other on a cardboard. Then I placed another piece of cardboard on top of it but just before I was about to glue it, I realized that this wasn’t going to work. I started panicking and tried improvising on the spot and finally I came across another idea, maybe I could glue another cardboard piece in the middle and then move it from side to side. I decided that was going to be what I do. I quickly did that for my last two switches and then I was done right before it was time to clean up! I was relieved.

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