Plant Experiment #1

My class has been learning about plants. For this project we had to come up with a question we were wondering. My groups question was if a plant can survive on Gatorade instead of water. My hypothesis (which is a prediction in science) was that a plant would NOT survive with Gatorade because it needs to have water to survive (like humans). For this experiment I had 2 quads with 3 plants in one cell (that would be 24 plants in total). 1 quad was control the other was the manipulated quad (the manipulated quad is the experimental quad). The control quad has sun, water, fertilizer pellets, and soil. In the manipulated quad the variable that my group changed is Gatorade instead of water. What I was observing is that my hypothesis was half right because half of the plants were not growing! But the other half was.
Displaying yellow group2.JPG
My group was observing that the measurements are always changing by ½ cm in the control quad and ½ ml in the manipulated quad. The color of the plants in the control quad are green and the color of the plants in the manipulated quad are red+green, my group thinks that the plants in the manipulated quad are red+green because the Gatorade color is red. The amount of leaves are 6 in the control quad and in the manipulated quad there was 4 in one of the cells and 2 in the other. The size was about 1 cm in the manipulated quad and in the control quad was about 5 cm.


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