Plant Experiment #2

My group’s and I question was: can a plant survive on Gatorade? My hypothesis was: a plant can’t survive on Gatorade because it needs water to survive (like humans).

In the control quad we observed that the plants in that quad everyday day grows ½ cm, the color is green, the amount of leaves that it had was 6 now it is 12. The size used to be about 1 or 2 cm and now it is about 9 ½ cm! It has just gotten buds! The changes since the start is that the plant is now way bigger!
Displaying Control.png
My group and I think that the plants in the manipulated quad are growing ½ ml a everyday. The color was starting to get a little red and now it is half red, the amount of leaves were 2 and now they are 4. The size used to be about ¼ cm and now it is 1 cm. The changes since the start are a tiny bit different but it is making progress little by little.  
Displaying Experimental.png

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