Rube Goldberg – Post #4

Yesterday in class, we had a sketch museum. We rotated around the classroom looking at other groups’ sketches and writing on post-its what we think they can work on and what we really liked about them. I really enjoyed seeing other people’s work. A┬álot of people had at least one simple machine in their sketch. Most people used an inclined plane. Inclined planes are probably the easiest simple machine to use in a Rube Goldberg, so that’s probably why a lot of groups are using it. I also saw that most of the groups used dominoes. Maybe it’s because dominoes falling is a pretty cool effect. They fall fast and make a kind of original sound.

I saw one sketch that had a step similar to one of ours, which is probably our most complicated step. That step is to make a computer call a phone by making something hit the enter button on the computer. The phone’s vibration makes it slide down a mini ramp and knock down dominoes which then set off something else. The other group’s Rube Goldberg starts out by them calling a phone which vibrates down a ramp and sets off something else. I thought the sketch museum was great and I really want to see how everyone’s machines turn out.

Rube Goldberg – Post #3

At this point, Nick and I are done with our sketch. When we got together outside of school, we exchanged ideas on what we thought could be fun steps to add, and then we chose the best ones to add to the final sketch. One of the hardest ones is getting the computer to call Nick’s phone to make it vibrate. Nick actually tried a cool new way to do it and it worked, so we’re probably going to do that! I guess that when we start building the machine, it’s likely that we’re going to make more changes like that. I think that maybe new ideas will come to us or that we’ll have to make changes because some of the steps that we put in the sketch may not work.

Here is my sketch…

Nick has been a really good partner. He is excited about the project, like me, and contributes good ideas. We tend to agree on most things and if we don’t, it’s something minor. I really feel good about working with a partner because if one of us is having trouble figuring something out, the other can help. Working with a partner can be hard if you are constantly disagreeing, or if one ends up having to do most of the work and gets frustrated, but that’s not the case here.


Rube Goldberg – Post #2

This is my second Rube Goldberg post. We’ve made a lot more progress with Nick! We’re almost done with our sketches. The first days of brainstorming our plan were the most challenging. It’s hard figuring out what materials to use and if they’ll give us the result we want them to do. We’ve thought of using pulleys which we think would add complexity, but decided not to because we don’t know how to build them. Instead of a pulley, we are thinking of putting a swinging bar that’s on a track which pushes a toy car. Luckily, the links included in Google Drive for this project were very helpful and found some inspiration. Also, we’ve done some more research individually and got together outside of school to work on this project and find some more ideas for our machine.

Rube Goldberg – Post #1

For this Rube Goldberg project, I am working with Nick, and we are going to make our machine push a soccer ball into a net under five minutes. We’ve been planning on how we are going to make it, and luckily we’ve made some progress! At first Nick and I decided we were going to make our machine turn off the lights, but then we changed our minds because we both like soccer and we thought the soccer ball idea would be more fun. We’ve been brainstorming on the steps together at school and working on our sketches separately. Right now we have eight steps figured out, but we would like to make it more complicated so that it’s more interesting to watch. What we know for sure is that we want to use several balls that get progressively bigger ending with a soccer ball. We also want to use dominoes because we like the way they fall and the cool sound they make. I hope our machine will be successful!

Feature Article Podcast Reflection

I really enjoyed this feature article podcast project, even though there were some things that I didn’t really like. One thing I really liked about it was the music that we got to put in it for the intro and outro. One thing that I didn’t really like about it though was that it took me so long to record because of a lot of other people were using the microphone and box before me. I also had to re-record a lot because of some mistakes in my podcast. What was very weird though was how my voice sounded in my podcast, I thought it was so different from when I speak normally!

Here is the link to my feature article podcast…