Interview – Capstone Post #3

This Saturday I had my interview at my house with Dr. William Shapiro who is the Supervisor of Audiology at the NYU Cochlear Implant Center. It was very exciting!

He taught me a lot. I asked him questions that related to my main inquiry question. Some of the questions that I asked him were very similar to my sub questions. He answered them really well. For the interview, he brought a very old cochlear implant and some new ones so I could see the differences between them. He also brought some diagrams of the ear so I could understand how people hear normally and how people hear with a cochlear implant.

One of the things that he talked about that really interested me was the process after getting implanted. One of the things that are needed to make a patient very successful in hearing is that the implant needs to be constantly programmed. He inspired me to know more about programming the implant, which is called MAPping.

Overall I really liked the interview and I learned a lot. It was very useful. Now I have a lot of new information that I can write down in my journal. I can’t wait until I have my site visit!

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