6th Grade Tech – Post #4

Yesterday, we started to solder. It was so fun! I got to finish melting the metal, but I didn’t get the time to get my design off the double-sided tape.

And today, when I started to roll it off, guess what?! It broke! I think it was because I didn’t melt enough solder on those specific parts. Well, the good thing is that, it was possible to re-solder it. After I soldered it again, it broke AGAIN… which was very frustrating.

Then, for the third time, it finally came out great. I hope that the next designs I make won’t brake when I roll it off the tape. I’ve learned that I’ve got to wait a couple of minutes before taking it off and that it has to be done extremely carefully.

Here are some pictures…

This was before I soldered it:

This is when it broke the second time:

And this is how it turned out after the third try:

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