6th Grade Tech – Post #7

Yesterday, we played the “Self-Driving Car” game. It was pretty fun, but also kind of challenging. It was challenging because when you are the driver, (the one who closes the circuits), you are timed to see how fast you can go. You also get recorded on how many mistakes you make, so you always have to be looking at the cards. That was distracting me from flipping the right switch because if I’m not looking at the right switch to flip, I flip the wrong one.

It turns out that my table mates also had a hard time as the driver because they would make some mistakes and take very long to go through the deck.  I got the fastest time, but I made two mistakes. One of my table mates got a pretty fast time and no mistakes. She got about 50 seconds. I got about 39.

The other jobs were not hard at all. One was flipping the cards and the other one was timing the driver and keeping track of their mistakes.

Next week we will begin to make a blueprint for our new project, which is building a flashlight. The challenge is that the flashlights that we make have to fit in a small box. I already have an idea of what I’m going to make and I know that it’s going to fit in the box. This is because I measured the parts that I think I’m going to be using, and then measured the box. It fits in perfectly.

I can’t wait until next week, and I’ll keep you posted!

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