6th Grade Tech – Post #9

This week we finished our blueprints and started building our flashlights! Unfortunately, the quarter’s over next week, so I think that this is our last project.

I finished gathering up all of my fittings, cutting out my pipes, and drilling holes in for my LED light and switch to go through. Also, while I was waiting my turn to solder my circuit, Mr. Calvert let me decorate it. I used red, blue, and black. Now it’s very unique.

I didn’t get to finish soldering my circuit together. This is because it was challenging to figure out which wire should provide a pathway for the negative charge and which wire should provide a path for the positive one. All of my wires are red, so that’s what confused me. The wire that’s supposed to have the negative charge has to be black and the wire that’s supposed to have the positive charge should be red. I think that I should really listen carefully when Mr. Calvert is giving directions so that I don’t have a hard time with something that can be easy.

After finishing my circuit, I will be able to accomplish the last step! That is, inserting it into the flashlight. I hope it works!

This is my flashlight so far:


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