Passion Project (Pitch) – Post #2

Yesterday we made our pitch slideshow. We had to answer four questions.

1. What will you learn and make?

I will learn how to make a stop motion video. It will be a video of an action figure kicking a soccer ball and scoring a goal.

2. Why do you want to learn and make this?

I want to learn and make this because when I was about eight, my friend made a stop motion video and I’ve always wanted to try and make one, but I never got the chance to. It’s amazing how a lot of pictures put together can make a film.

3. How will you learn and make this?

I will learn and make this by using the proper tools, like a stand, camera, etc. I will also watch videos online, as well as contacting people who are experts.

4. What will success look like to you?

Being able to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and doing it well will look like success to me.

6th Grade Tech – Post #2

These past few days in class, Mr. Calvert has been teaching us what atoms are and how they work. Yesterday, he introduced us to the periodic table.

The periodic table seems very complicated! There are a LOT of elements. Anyway, I learned that an atom – which is incredibly small – is made up of even smaller pieces! Isn’t that crazy?! It’s made up of electrons, which are negative charges, protons, which are positive charges, and neutrons, which are neutral.

Neutrons and protons are in the center of the atom, which is called the nucleus. Outside of the nucleus are the electrons. If two protons are next to each other, they’ll kill each other because they’re both positive charges. So, neutrons keep protons from killing each other by being in between them.

I think that atoms are really cool. It’s amazing how everything is made up of something so small. Oh and fun fact: If a grapefruit was the size of the earth, we’d be able to see atoms the size of blueberries! That shows how small they are.

Rube Goldberg – Post #2

This is my second Rube Goldberg post. We’ve made a lot more progress with Nick! We’re almost done with our sketches. The first days of brainstorming our plan were the most challenging. It’s hard figuring out what materials to use and if they’ll give us the result we want them to do. We’ve thought of using pulleys which we think would add complexity, but decided not to because we don’t know how to build them. Instead of a pulley, we are thinking of putting a swinging bar that’s on a track which pushes a toy car. Luckily, the links included in Google Drive for this project were very helpful and found some inspiration. Also, we’ve done some more research individually and got together outside of school to work on this project and find some more ideas for our machine.