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The Amazing Word Study

In word study we do lots of things. We have word study notebooks. And every week we have a different word study sort.We have to study the words on our sorts Because on Friday we have quizzes on our words.We sort are paper words in the right category To help us study. We have a spelling menu with things like this; waterfall words, ABC, and write it right. So those are some things that are on the spelling menu and to help us study. I love word study, it is so fun. My favorite part about word study is the menu with all the activities.Word study is to help you learn  words you need to work on. Maybe someday you can try word study!Word study is so much fun!

The Development Of Third Grade :)

It all started with third grade reading. Mrs Badurski was starting to teach the class the reading development strategies. She read a book called Third Grade Angels to the class. She taught the class, when you read, don’t read like a curmudgeon, but to read like gold.  She also taught the class that sometimes when you are doing a book response you want to make a little summary of what just happened.This  is really useful if you are having trouble.                                      

It was cursive that we started after reading.Mrs Badurski taught the class some strategies for cursive. She taught us how to sky write(which means to write the word in the air to get a hang of it). She also taught the class that if you are having trouble,It’s okay because practice makes perfect.

The last thing I wanted to mention is about writing.Oh my gosh, you don’t know how amazing Mrs. Badurski is at giving good strategies. She taught the class to put detail, dialog, emotions, showing not telling and so many more creative and great strategies.                                                                                                       


Back To School!

TAP! TAP! I walked down the hall. Up to the stairs to the third grade lounge. My mom was with with me because on the first day of school parents get to walk their kids to their classroom. It is the only day they can do it. My mom walked into my classroom with me. The classroom was as neat as my room. My teacher, Mrs. Badurski, was waiting at the door greeting everyone inside the classroom. “Welcome Jules.” said My teacher.I just remembered two days ago my brother Gabriel said that I got the best teacher in third grade. And he was right. The second I walked in I noticed it. I looked for my chair  and right in front of it was…                      

A word search! That moment I was so surprised because in all of my other classes there was literally a math sheet and stuff like that. At the end of the day I walked home all happy. I told my mom all about the day and said that was the best day of my life. Do you think next year I will have a teacher like Mrs. Badurski?                                                                                                              




In 3rd grade I learned how to write cursive. A lowercase c in cursive is the same as if it were in print.The only difference in cursive is that every letter in a word has to be connected. If you don’t follow that rule, you cannot write cursive. There is only one exception, and that is with some capitals. Lowercase cursive  letters have a connecting tail. It is what helps the letter connect to another one.Some capitals do not have the ability to connect.I think those are letters like capital v,  d,  f,  o,  p,   and t. In my opinion, c is the easiest letter. .Do you know how  letters are connected? If so,  that is how your letters should be when you are writing cursive. 

Reading Like Gold! , Not like a curmudgeon!

In school we are learning about how to read like gold not like a curmudgeon! We even take post-its about what’s happening in the books we’re reading! We also learned that a good reader reads with expression.

But a person who reads like a curmudgeon reads with no expression. Think about it this way, if you were trick or treating on Halloween and you came to someone’s house and they said “ Go Away!” They are a curmudgeon. At least that’s what I think.

And that’s pretty much what I learned about ( Reading Like Gold! , Not Like a Curmudgeon! )


You will think that cursive is hard, and I did not expect to be saying this, but it is not, and it is       F U N! You should do it because it is good for letters and for for fancy writing. It is also one step to being an adult. Now I will show you all the cursive letters below, I will tell you why I am writing this, for people that do not want to do writing in cursive.I would say when I was smaller ‘’how come everybody can do cursive and I can’t?”  and the trick is to practice! trust me!!! If you want more info go to the library or get a cursive spelling book. thank you for  reading! 🙂


Learning Cursive!

In school we have been learning cursive. “O-k every one”! My teacher Mrs. Badurski said. “Today we are going to have our first cursive listen” all I could hear was children screaming “Yay”! But not me. My hands were trembling,I felt like I could not breath. I didn’t think that I could do  it. “The letters we will  be learning today are c, a, d, g, h, t, `p and e. Now I was even more nervous. “O-k table masters,get out our new cursive workbooks”! I felt like I could scream! I picked up my pencil, put it on the paper and I started to write a C…… It was so easy! I can’t believe I thought  this was going to be hard! Now I love cursive! Try writing in cursive! Don’t be sloppy!

Amazing Books

 Hi, my name is Kayla and I have some amazing books for you: Third Grade  Angels, Stone Fox, The Book with No Pictures, Ralph Tells A Story, The Zack Files,  My Weird School, Cam Jansen, Horrible Harry and Stella Batts. .

Stella Batts is an 8 year old girl. Her family owns a candy store.  Third Grade Angels is about a boy.  He is in third grade and he wants to earn a halo first.  In his school, he says first graders are called “babies,” second graders are called “cats,” third graders are called “angels” and fourth graders are called “rats.”The Book With No pictures is so funny and all the other books are great. 

Amazing Cursive

In 3rd grade you learn to write cursive. When you write cursive you have to know how to bump the lines. If you can’t bump the lines you can’t write cursive. You can’t write cursive because in cursive the letters always have to stick together. That’s why you can’t write cursive without bumping the lines. 


In 3rd grade I learned how to write cursive. The first 4 letters I learned a, c, d was and after that g. I couldn’t believe it, “I’m not good at cursive,” I said in my mind. Then our teacher Mrs. Badurski told the table master to get the handwriting books. “What should I do?” I said in my mind after a few min it was the end of the day. I went on the bus, “This was better than I thought” I said.


Writing Cursive and Writer’s Notebook

In third grade you learn cursive and it’s hard at first. Then later in the year you get better at it. in cursive you learn letters and words and sentences. And in fourth grade all you write is cursive. So you learn a lot of cursive in third grade and you’ll get better and better at cursive. I was scared to write cursive i was doing bad i kept erasing then i got better at cursive and now i’m better at it.

You also write notebook entries about what you do over the week and summer. Now now i’m good at writers notebook entries like moments like birthdays or like when you won a game you can also write about parasailing or cool and fun things.Or like fun trips and adventures like going to Puerto Rico.The end