Awesome cursive letters!

cursive letters are different than words that people always use for writing. Cursive letters are something that is like this hello. I love cursive letters cause they are super fun! I tried cursive letters and it was a little bit hard. After  learned a lot of cursive letters, I got super good at it. I love cursive letters because they look super good! And soon i will get even better at it. When I had know idea how to do it, i always messed up on it. Sometimes I got the word too big and sometimes I got it too small. After i get super good on it, i will teach everybody! When you do cursive letters, you have to get it neat. Cause if you don’t get it neat, it will look super weird. I write it slowly so i don’t mess up on my cursive letters. If you just start doing cursive letters,you would not want to write it to fast cause you will mess up on  it. When you are super good at it you will be fast at it. Thank you for reading my blog!












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