Careful Cursive

Okay class” Mrs. Badurski said, “today we are learning cursive, the letters c, a, g and d.” I was humming to myself, but I was startled out of my song as I realized the message. Oh no! I thought as a shiver went down my back. There were worms in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN IN CURSIVE BEFORE!!! I gulped as I sat in my seat. My heart raced as I opened my book. Then … I did it, it was pure handwriting. I was amazed. I looked at it very closely, my eyes opened wide my mouth made an o shape, my letter was perfect. My dream was true, I could write in cursive. I quickly finished the rest and then showed it to Mrs. Badurski. She was proud, I was proud. Then while I was putting it away the strangest thought came to me…. am I really good at cursive or was it just one letter that I was extremely good at? I wonder if you know, do you?                                                                                                                       




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