Don’t Read Like a Curmudgeon

When you read you should read with expression and with lots of feeling. Another way to say it is read like its gold reading like it’s something really special to you. Don’t read like a curmudgeon a curmudgeon is someone that reads with no feeling and no expression. If you read like a curmudgeon no one will like to read with you. Also if you read with expression people would like you to read to them and they will like to read with you. Also, every time you read like a curmudgeon, when you get to a hard word you won’t try to sound it out you will just say it really bad. When I first started reading this is what I said and did. “Oh no,” I thought, “I’m not going to know any of the words, I’m going to get embarrassed. When we started I calmed down and I knew every word.So don’t read like a curmudgeon.

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