Learning Cursive!

In school we have been learning cursive. “O-k every one”! My teacher Mrs. Badurski said. “Today we are going to have our first cursive listen” all I could hear was children screaming “Yay”! But not me. My hands were trembling,I felt like I could not breath. I didn’t think that I could do  it. “The letters we will  be learning today are c, a, d, g, h, t, `p and e. Now I was even more nervous. “O-k table masters,get out our new cursive workbooks”! I felt like I could scream! I picked up my pencil, put it on the paper and I started to write a C…… It was so easy! I can’t believe I thought  this was going to be hard! Now I love cursive! Try writing in cursive! Don’t be sloppy!

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