Writing is one of my favorite subjects When we were writing for the first time in third grade I was so excited, I was also thinking to myself “What  we were going to do?” I was hoping it was going to be something fabulous.  

There’s is also a lot to writing such as dialog, emotion and more. Also when you’re writing you’re not supposed to just say he was angry, you’re supposed to show he’s angry and show why and how he’s angry. You have to show different emotion as in he’s sad, mad, angry, happy. You also have to explain the story. You’re not going to just say he went to restaurant, he ate food, he liked it and he left.

You’re supposed to say he went to a restaurant called Top House it was amazing they had the best food I ordered pizza, the cheese was all warm, the sauce was dripping. They had the best desserts, I ordered a brownie. It was giant! At the end they gave me a balloon! You also have to write capitals and punctuation when you need them.

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