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Awesome cursive letters!

cursive letters are different than words that people always use for writing. Cursive letters are something that is like this hello. I love cursive letters cause they are super fun! I tried cursive letters and it was a little bit hard. After  learned a lot of cursive letters, I got super good at it. I love cursive letters because they look super good! And soon i will get even better at it. When I had know idea how to do it, i always messed up on it. Sometimes I got the word too big and sometimes I got it too small. After i get super good on it, i will teach everybody! When you do cursive letters, you have to get it neat. Cause if you don’t get it neat, it will look super weird. I write it slowly so i don’t mess up on my cursive letters. If you just start doing cursive letters,you would not want to write it to fast cause you will mess up on  it. When you are super good at it you will be fast at it. Thank you for reading my blog!












Don’t Read Like a Curmudgeon

When you read you should read with expression and with lots of feeling. Another way to say it is read like its gold reading like it’s something really special to you. Don’t read like a curmudgeon a curmudgeon is someone that reads with no feeling and no expression. If you read like a curmudgeon no one will like to read with you. Also if you read with expression people would like you to read to them and they will like to read with you. Also, every time you read like a curmudgeon, when you get to a hard word you won’t try to sound it out you will just say it really bad. When I first started reading this is what I said and did. “Oh no,” I thought, “I’m not going to know any of the words, I’m going to get embarrassed. When we started I calmed down and I knew every word.So don’t read like a curmudgeon.

Writing cursive, Stuff I like and Tips as a reader

Hi! My name is Toby and I am in 3rd grade and I’m learning cursive. I like cursive because it is easy  to write. I’m a huge fan of cursive. I hope you like it too! Also it looks beautiful. I love 3rd grade A LOT! I like writing print too. As a writer, I love writing. As a reader I read like gold, not a curmudgeon! And also I have a best friend. I love Minecraft and I have a Minecraft after school club. But DON’T ever read like a curmudgeon. I was ready for cursive.We learned a,d,g,h,t and p. My handwriting was beautifulTHE END

I love 3rd Grade and Cursive.

Cool Cursive Writing

So far this year my class has learned about six different cursive letters. We started with c because, c’s is super easy it’s just like a normal c. Now I say about everyone in my class knows every cursive letters always has a tail at the end of the cursive letter. After we finished c we moved on to a. In cursive a looks like this a. By that picture I think you know that a is just like an a in print but with a little tiny tail at the end to connect to the next cursive letter. I love cursive writing and to write in cursive because it’s like normal writing but it’s way cooler and it looks nicer. But writing in cursive is super harder than writing in any other way in the whole entire world. So far I’d say that cursive is my favorite topic in third grade that my teacher Ms. Badurski has taught me and my friends. This year is probably going to be a  great school year. I hope you enjoyed reading about cursive. I love writing in cursive and I can’t wait to learn more about cursive and also to learn more how to write in cursive and I hope you’re as excited as me bye.


Cursive is a kind of handwriting. It is different because the words are connected and you can’t lift the pencil off your paper. When Mrs.Badurski told us about cursive I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t… so she gave us cursive handwriting notebook.The first letter was C I opened the notebook slowly. My heart was beating really fast, thump thump it went. When I got to the page I started.

When I was doing it I kept on on messing up, I was about to give up.Then my aide came up to me and said just make a C, then when you get to the bottom go up then go up again then curve on the top. “I’ll  try,so I tried again ‘I did it’ I said  I was so happy yay I thought thanks for reading my blog.      

The Amazing Word Study!

Today you will be learning about Word study. Word study is a subject that you can learn words that you don’t know. In my class we do a lot of word study. We do quizzes ,we write in our word study books. When you do word study you have to make sure you spell everything right. Sometimes your teacher will let you play word study games. In my class my teacher has a spelling menu It has a lot of word study games. Like there is a game called Waterfall Words. It is when you write each word bit by bit.There is a game to that is called ABC that is when you write your Word Study words and write them in ABC order. There is also something that is called word rhyme that is when you have your sort words and you rhyme them with other words. Thanks for looking at my blog.     

Word Study Cutouts

              This year every week we cut out a word sort . We get words that we sort in a category like the word skate where we drop the e and add ing so skating goes in the e-drop category, or the word yell goes in (vcc) because yell has -ell. Then we look at our spelling menu and find an activity, like for example, write each of your 23 words in your neatest handwriting 3x. Another activity that helps us learn our words and patterns is writing 10 words with a line in the vowels place that’s called missing vowels, and then filling in the vowels. At the end of each week we get a quiz sheet and go in a quiet place in the room, we write down categories and partners read each other’s words . After if we want extra credit we write 3 sentences and each of them has to have 1 or more spelling words in each sentence like I was waving my hand to signal the taxi   Without a spelling mistake.


Careful Cursive

Okay class” Mrs. Badurski said, “today we are learning cursive, the letters c, a, g and d.” I was humming to myself, but I was startled out of my song as I realized the message. Oh no! I thought as a shiver went down my back. There were worms in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN IN CURSIVE BEFORE!!! I gulped as I sat in my seat. My heart raced as I opened my book. Then … I did it, it was pure handwriting. I was amazed. I looked at it very closely, my eyes opened wide my mouth made an o shape, my letter was perfect. My dream was true, I could write in cursive. I quickly finished the rest and then showed it to Mrs. Badurski. She was proud, I was proud. Then while I was putting it away the strangest thought came to me…. am I really good at cursive or was it just one letter that I was extremely good at? I wonder if you know, do you?                                                                                                                       




Cursive Crusher

It was the day before our teacher said “ tomorrow we will learn cursive”. I was so excited to learn cursive. Later the next day my teacher said “ get out the cursive books. I have waited for my whole life. When I opened the book I thought it would be hard. The next one or two days I started to get the hang of it and it was easy. The easiest ones for me are “c” “p” “h” “a” “e” and “g”. But the easiest for me is “c”. Cursive is when you don’t take your pencil off the paper.      

Place Value Is Fun !!!

Place value is when each number has its own value and place that is why it’s called place value. For an example, in 462 the four is in the hundreds place the four is worth four hundred, that is it’s value. Another example is in 9,700 the value of the nine is nine thousand, also the seven is seven hundred.Another example is 456 in the ones the 6 value is 6.