Cursive Writing

What’s cursive? Cursive is a fancy way to write and it is how grown ups write. When you write in cursive all the letters must touch the top and bottom line and if it is sloppy you should probably do it again. Also  you might think it’s hard at first, one time I was learning the letter e and I just did not get It. I kept trying but I could not do it but then I looked at the instructions and I got the hang of it. So it might seem hard but take my advice keep trying because when you try you can do anything. Also people write cursive for parents or friends or if it’s your home work but never do cursive to show off .Most people get interested in  cursive really fast so be a good friend and don’t ignore them help them and you will make a new friend.If you ignore people you won’t get any friends and if you get nervous don’t be afraid to ask a friend.





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