Lola Levine Book!!!!

“Today it’s the book fair!” Mrs.Badurski said in an excited voice.

“Yay” I shouted. We started walking down the stairs to the library. My heart was pounding! There were so many books to choose from. First I thought, “I remember  what book I wanted, it’s Lola Levine.  I was so excited to read it because it sounded so good in the book talk and I wanted to find out what happens next. Let’s go find it I said to myself. I couldn’t find  the book so I asked  Mrs.Byrns where is the Lola Levine book and Mrs. Byrns showed me where the Lola Levine bookis. We went to the classroom for people  to read their books  i was the most exited ln my class t o read my book.  I could not wait to read it.i Started to read it it was the best book ever. I hope you might  read it one day. I’m  not kidding it’s  the best book ever.

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