What Is Word Study?

What is word study? Word study is when we get our words for the week. Every Monday we get new words. On Monday, when my class gets into the classroom, there is a sheet at our table that my teacher (Mrs. Badurski) hands out. Not everyone gets the same words. Only a few people have the same sort. Since not everyone has the same sort, we have word study partners. In the morning, we cut out our word study words from our word sort. When we are done, we sort  our words. After we sort out our words, we check our words with our word study partner. How do we check? We check by one partner coming over to one table (if we’re not at the same table). We would say a few words at a time, and once we say them our partner goes back to their table and checks if we have the same words in the same column. If we do, then we got the words right. If not, then we figure out our sort. On Monday thru Thursday, we practice our words for the quiz on friday. We practice by using our spelling menu in our word study notebook.    

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