In third grade you’re going to do a lot of math it’s also the same thing as every other grade. Math is very important because of numbers you’re going to have to add numbers multiply numbers subtract numbers for taxes, Bills and your also going to have to do this for more things to. Some of the basic things to know in math is.

                     1+1=2   9+9=18   4+4=8    5+5=10  2+2=4          Some more harder ones are 67+79=146    1655+2355=4010    122+39=162  856+3269=4125   9656-2339=7317

So let me tell you a story.   So one day my teacher Mr.s Badurski said class come to rug today we are going to learn bar models I started to feel a little nervous but on the other hand I was a little excited I was thinking what if i’m horrible at bar models. But when my teacher started to explain it i was thinking it was a little confusing but as she kept on showing us it kept on getting easier and easier. I felt like it was going to be easy . It also shows that you should never give up keep on going until you get to your goal or until you could understand how to do something. So never give up.

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