My Family

Do you want to learn about my life? If yes then it is your lucky day because you are about to learn about it rite now. Right in front of your eyes! I am grateful for my family because if I didn’t have a my family then my life will be way different, my family plays with me and my mom and dad bring me on vacation. The first reason I am grateful for my family is they play games with me. For example My two brothers play basement baseball. Basement baseball is a game in my basement that I made up. The second reason I like my family is they care for me. For example, my dad taught me how to play baseball and now I practice every week with a professional coach who actually was in the minor leagues. My final thing which is my third thing that I like about my family is that they take me on vacation, For an example every year I go to California and Florida. Now you now about my family now what happens in your family?

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